The list

I’ve created a list of things I want to do whilst in Australia. Some are obviously more likely than others, but when something is achieved I plan to mention it in a blog and below you can see my progress. I’ll post hyperlinks when things are achieved.

  1. Book flights
  2. Get an official offer from The University of Melbourne
  3. Arrive safely
  4. Search for somewhere to live
  5. Find somewhere to live
  6. Do the Melbourne Welcome
  7. Overcome the inevitable homesickness
  8. Discover an amazing music venue
  9. Be in the audience of a TV show
  10. Pass all my modules
  11. Join a society
  12. Rediscover the really good cupcake shop I went to in 2008
  13. Go to the MCG
  14. Find someone who shares my taste in music
  15. Take artsy photos on Brighton Beach
  16. Earn some money
  17. i. See Missy Higgins play live ii. See Missy Higgins play live (again) iii. See Missy Higgins play live (again again)
  18. Find some Australian chocolate that I actually like
  19. Be on the Hamish & Andy show
  20. Rediscover my love of Australian Vogue: Entertaining and Travel
  21. Find an internship/someone to write for
  22. Get involved in the student paper
  23. Go to a music festival
  24. Have brunch at Bills
  25. Go to the Melbourne International Food and Drink Festival
  26. See new parts of the country
  27. Attempt to surf
  28. Buy combined Apple and Pineapple juice in a big carton
  29. Find a way to get review tickets for gigs
  30. Enjoy the study of Aboriginal linguistics
  31. Learn to like a new food
  32. See some live comedy
  33. Make friends from around the world
  34. Go to Broome
  35. Go to an outdoor cinema
  36. Celebrate my 20th Birthday in a memorable way
  37. Visit the Neighbours back lot
  38. Go to St Kilda
  39. Find somewhere that sells amazing breakfasts
  40. Go to the Logies in some way
  41. Buy a newspaper
  42. Go waterskiing
  43. See Tim Minchin
  44. Learn about Australian politics
  45. Eat some Mars Pods
  46. Get an iced bun from Bakers Delight
  47. Do some travelling in New Zealand
  48. Eat some Tiny Teddies biscuits
  49. Go to a hairdressers for the first time
  50. Go to an album launch party
  51. Find the taco truck
  52. Go to South Melbourne Market
  53. Go to the beach
  54. Eat an incredible meal
  55. Drive the Great Ocean Road
  56. Head down to the Surf Coast
  57. Watch an AFL match
  58. Learn to like coffee
  59. Visit an art gallery
  60. Go to the Night Markets
  61. Go swimming with a view
  62. Go Gold Class at the cinema
  63. Give Matt Corby a second chance
  64. Engage in O Week fun and frivolities
  65. Go to Cupcake Central
  66. Go to a rugby match
  67. Do some voluntary work
  68. Go to a book signing
  69. See Jamie Oliver talk
  70. Go to LMFF
  71. Go to a Q&A with the nephew of Grace Kelly
  72. See Butterfly Boucher play live/fail to stalk Missy Higgins
  73. Meet Missy Higgins
  74. Explore the Dandenong Ranges using only public transport
If anyone has any recommendations of how/where to achieve any of these, or has any suggestions for what should be on the list, let me know here.

13 responses

28 11 2011
Jo Cox

Surely 29 is a no brainer 😉

24 12 2011

Wow what a huge list. That is pretty impressive. Hope you get to do everything in your list.

29 01 2012

This is an amazing list!
#27 is a must!

31 01 2012

wow it is huge! and you must add try new coffee places to your list as there are several good coffee houses here in Melbourne. Check out:
also whilst you are here why not go to some of the free public cupping sessions- this is a great chance to know about coffee.
The RMIT student union might be looking for people. Check out:

31 01 2012

these are so achievable!!!
and i’m so impressed with your knowledge of melbourne… you’re going to have the best time i can tell 🙂

31 01 2012

18: Haighs chocolate – so good!

31 01 2012

Overcome the inevitable homesickness – you’ll be fine!
See Missy Higgins play live – I’ll be coming with you!
Go to an outdoor cinema – so great 🙂 there’s rooftop cinema too
Find somewhere that sells amazing breakfasts – every cafe basically
haha i’m so excited for you:) 🙂

31 01 2012

Eeeeek, I’m so excited to start working my way through them all!
Anyone who comes to see Missy Higgins play live will have to be prepared for hyperventilation on my part. I’ve been waiting six years to see her play…
I cannot wait for Australian breakfasts – our cafe culture is incomparable!

7 02 2012

You’ve got surfing on the list, so I’m guessing this is implied but if not, you definitely have to head down the Surf Coast. If you can find someone to drive you (or you can catch a bus) you should go through Torquay, Anglesea, Lorne, etc. Pick a nice day and it’s amazing to see.

7 02 2012

This is a great starting list (I just know you’ll be compelled to add as you go!).

Missy Higgins is due to release an album this year, so you should be in luck for #17.
I recommend The Toff, and the Palais and the Forum for #8 (although I guess that depends on your taste, but I am guessing a love of folk-pop Missy is a good indication…)

7 02 2012

You can do 13 and 57 at the same time. Prepare for some, er, “colourful” colloquialisms though…

7 02 2012

Comedy= Melbourne int comedy feat in april
Breakfast= green refectory on syd road or hot poppy in north melbs
Choc- def haighs
Tv show- tix to channel 10’s ‘the project’ are pretty easy to get
South melb market- you have to eat a south Melbourne dim sim too! Also try camberwell, Suzuki night market (on til mid March Wednesdays) and north melb market

7 02 2012
Manuel Broderick Proeger

What a great list Catherine, and totally achievable! I could comment on so many of these, but will just pick a few.

No. 5 might be the hardest, because there are so many students looking for accommodation at this time of year. But don’t just rely on Gumtree, try the Melbourne Uni housing service:,
Domain:, and
Flatmates: and if you still have nothing when you get here the noticeboard at Readings Bookshop in Carlton always has sharehouses advertised.

No. 8: If you do end up living in the Brunswick area, there are heaps of live music venues nearby. I moved here six months ago and love it.

No. 12: I think the one you mean is in Degraves Street, near Flinders Street station. It’s just around the corner from my work!

No. 25: You’re here at the right time of year for this, but did you know that they’re looking for volunteers to help out:
It’s a great way to experience Melbourne’s food culture.

No. 28: You can get this in any supermarket, but Apple and Mango is even better (IMHO).

No. 29: Farrago regularly gives out review tickets for movies and gigs. This will help you to achieve 22 as well, but they’ll probably be happy to accept any articles you write.

No. 32: There’s a great comedy venue in North Melbourne that has acts on every week, but you’ll also be here during the Melbourne Comedy Festival, so there’ll be lots of options for this one.

No. 38: Just a short tram ride away

No. 51: ‘Like’ their Facebook page and they’ll tell you where they are!

Have fun acheiving all this. Sounds like you’re going to have a great Semester in Melbourne.

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