57. Watch an AFL match

1 07 2012

On my final night in Melbourne, I headed to the MCG to watch Hawthorn play Carlton. We booked reserved seating tickets for $27.50 and got ourself some really good seats on Level 1. We thought this was very reasonable and were a bit gutted we had found the one thing that was cheaper in Australia (sporting tickets) than in the UK on my last night!

Hawthorn quickly took the lead so we quickly decided to be Hawthorn fans. We definitely seemed to be in the Hawthorn end so this seemed like a sensible decision.

There was one other thing that quickly became apparent: AFL matches are long.

Each quarter went on for more than half an hour meaning the total time spent shivering in the MCG topped two and a half hours. A (luke warm non-chocolatey) hot chocolate ($4.20) at half time warmed me up for a bit but I’d definitely advise wearing lots of layers.

Hawthorn won the match. We cheered. And then I went home for my last night in Melbourne.

I’m glad I went though. Despite deeming the sport a little bit bogan scrappy, it was a very Australian experience and definitely one worth ticking off the list.


4. Search for somewhere to live

16 01 2012

With just over two weeks until I fly to Australia, I am currently checking the Melbourne Gumtree page for houseshare/flatshare more often than I am checking my Facebook. If you know me, you’ll know that’s quite something. Unfortunately my search has, this far, been fruitless so I’m considering posting my own advert – highlighting my ability to be the dream (or at least an acceptable) housemate. I’m thinking something along the lines of the below. I want to sound personable – without crossing the line into downright creepy – and I’m very aware that my unique form of sarcasm doesn’t always translate well online. Let me know what edits you would make. Oh, and if you have a room that you think would house me for five months then please get in touch here.



I’m a 19 year old British student looking for fully-furnished accommodation around the Carlton/Brunswick/North Melbourne area.

I’ll be arriving in Melbourne around Feb 10th and will be hoping to secure some viewings/interviews as soon as possible with the hope of moving in immediately. I’ll be sticking around until the end of June so I can guarantee around five months rent.

I’m open to living with students or young professionals and would prefer it if you didn’t smoke.

As for me, I’m a non-smoker who doesn’t really drink (but don’t let that put you off). I’d much rather spend an evening catching some live music at a gig or going out for dinner than a night out clubbing.

I consider myself to be mature, sociable and polite (then again, it seems everyone does on Gumtree) but I promise I actually am. I can cook and clean – the former is more of my speciality – and my love of baking has gone down favourably with previous housemates.

I’m currently living in a sharehouse in the UK so am very happy splitting bills and am used to communal living.

I’ll be studying a mix of Linguistics and Australian Studies at the University of Melbourne and fully intend to get a part time job soon after moving in. I love travelling and writing so might have the occasional weekend away.

If you’ve got a room going and think it might suit me please contact me on…