18. Find some Australian chocolate that I actually like

19 06 2012

I’m a chocolate snob.

Ok, that’s actually a lie. I’ll gladly eat a bar of 25p 100g Tesco Value chocolate (Please tell me that still exists?!) What I struggle to consume though, is Australian-made chocolate.

Australia has Cadbury’s chocolate. England has Cadbury’s chocolate. You’d think this would mean they’d taste similar. You’d be very, very wrong. Australian Cadbury’s is not deserving of the Cadbury name. No matter how exciting the chocolate bar sounds (England really needs to get a Top Deck or Duo equivalent) it always disappoints me in the taste stakes.

I don’t know the full science behind it, but I believe it’s something to do with enzymes and melting points and the fact that Australia is supposedly ‘hot’ and England ‘cold’. I think I actually did a project on it in Year 7 or 8 science, but let’s just say that if I did actually learn anything in year 7 or 8 science then it was forgotten a long time ago.

Anyway, this list item has been sitting pretty unticked off for a while and I’ve had many people comment to me that I must go to Haigh’s. I’ve heard everything from “It’s the best chocolate ever” to “The guy who started it trained with the guy from Lindt”. I’m not sure whether either of these are facts, but if the latter is true then unfortunately I feel Mr Lindt may have been a bit better at the training.

Here’s the thing. I bought two squares of Haigh’s chocolate. One milk. One dark. Each cost me 75 cents and I was content with the world. I left the chocolate at room temperature for full effect and this morning I commenced the taste test. Placing a square on my tongue it immediately struck me that it just wouldn’t melt from the warmth of my tongue – room temperature Lindt will normally pass this test after a few seconds. After giving up waiting and biting the chocolate I was impressed with the flavour, but the texture just wasn’t as smooth as it’s European counterparts.

So have I found some Australian chocolate that I actually like? Yes, yes I have. However I still believe that buying Lindt here is a better (and surprisingly more cost-effective) option. Plus, there’s always Aldi chocolate. I’m also pretty excited about returning to England and not having to look at where the chocolate was produced in order for me to determine whether or not to purchase it.