Many students dream of seeing the world. Some people dream of travelling, others want to find a better learning environment. This is my dream.

I’ll be travelling to the University of Melbourne in February 2012 and completing a semester of study there. I plan to take courses from the linguistics department but also to fulfil my desire to study a module in Australian Studies.

I’ve created a list of things I want to do in the country. I’m studying at uni from February to June but after that I’ve got a few months where the script is unwritten. As of yet I’ve got no plans, but I highly doubt I’ll be returning back to the UK too quickly. I hope that the list will help me remember why I wanted to study in Australia in the first place and ultimately it will act as a diary that I can look back on. This is something for my friends and family to follow my adventure, but it’s also for other students doing similar things around the country and hopefully it’ll act as a great insight into Melburnian life. It’s a work in progress and I expect it’ll be added to as time progresses.

Australia has fascinated me from a young age. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have visited the country several times in my childhood and this has left me determined to return to live there. By studying in Melbourne I hope to learn about the things you don’t see on the postcards. I want to soak up the culture as if I were an Aussie. Quite simply, I want the true Australian experience.

Oh, and I guess I wouldn’t mind visiting the Neighbours set. Again.

This used to be me. As did this. Sometimes I pretend to be a journalist and write things for the Guardian likeĀ this and this.


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