57. Watch an AFL match

1 07 2012

On my final night in Melbourne, I headed to the MCG to watch Hawthorn play Carlton. We booked reserved seating tickets for $27.50 and got ourself some really good seats on Level 1. We thought this was very reasonable and were a bit gutted we had found the one thing that was cheaper in Australia (sporting tickets) than in the UK on my last night!

Hawthorn quickly took the lead so we quickly decided to be Hawthorn fans. We definitely seemed to be in the Hawthorn end so this seemed like a sensible decision.

There was one other thing that quickly became apparent: AFL matches are long.

Each quarter went on for more than half an hour meaning the total time spent shivering in the MCG topped two and a half hours. A (luke warm non-chocolatey) hot chocolate ($4.20) at half time warmed me up for a bit but I’d definitely advise wearing lots of layers.

Hawthorn won the match. We cheered. And then I went home for my last night in Melbourne.

I’m glad I went though. Despite deeming the sport a little bit bogan scrappy, it was a very Australian experience and definitely one worth ticking off the list.




3 responses

1 07 2012
Melbourne on my Mind

Silly girl. You don’t get hot chocolate to get you through a footy game at the ‘G in the middle of winter. You plough your way through two very expensive buckets of steaming hot chips!! 😉

5 07 2012

A bit bogan!!??? Oh my – we could start a war right hear about the feralness of soccer fans in the UK….
So glad you went along to a match, and saw my team do so well. Did you spot any players worth a second look?? A couple of boys in the brown and gold are certainly a treat for the eye!!
I love that our game is still so accessible, in terms of price and usually the ability to decide on the day to go and just rock up and get tickets.
Also a bit disappointed that you did not eat a half cooked pie, and drink a mid strength beer! All part of the experience!!

5 07 2012

Tash, I wouldn’t dispute you on your critique of soccer fans!
Yeah, the accessibility of the game was great – I was surprised at how cheap tickets were on the door!

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