13. Go to the MCG

1 07 2012

I was tempted to make this a sequel to Non-celebrity lookalike on campus #1, but decided to attach it to this item on my list for it was at the MCG where this (actual) celebrity spot took place.

Let me delve into where my Melbourne love stems from for a second. There are many, many reasons why I chose to move to Melbourne, but it’d be hard to say that my avid Neighbours viewing/fandom is entirely unrelated. I’d already seen one Neighbours actress at the Mimco LMFF show a few months ago and then, on my final night in Melbourne, I found myself sat in front of Ashleigh Brewer (Kate Ramsay from Neighbours) at the Hawthorn V Carlton match at the MCG.

And if it wasn’t her, then it was the best lookalike ever.

Despite a text/Twitter conversation across the globe to Hannah in the UK, I decided not to ask if it was actually her as she was enjoying a night out with friends and because I am not actually a total stalker. Instead I just decided to take a completely non-stalkerish photo of Lara and Lucy whilst actually capturing her in the background…

What do you think, is it her?

For symbolic reasons, I’m going to say it was definitely her. I like to think it was the perfect Neighbours-y way to say goodbye to my home for the past four and a half months.

Melbourne, thanks for the memories. You were the best temporary home I could’ve asked for. See you again soon?

Update: @AshleighBrewer1 tweeted me. Click here to see what she said.




One response

20 07 2012

I LOVE that she tweeted back to you! Ha!

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