44. Learn about Australian politics

9 06 2012

Having recently submitted my final essays for Australia Now it’s safe to say I’ve learnt A LOT about Australian politics whilst I’ve been over here. My previous knowledge of Australian politics was garnered solely from K Rudd’s appearances on Rove so having twelve weeks of lectures revolving around the themes of politics in the country was a real eye opener.

I’ve learnt about Keating’s Redfern address, Howard’s long stint as PM and I still can’t decide what I make of Whitlam.

Although Australia’s political history is short, it has been really interesting to learn about the highs and lows.

Oh, and one last thing. The Australia Day riot was not a riot. Nor was there a mob. I’ve spent far too much time reading up on the story and watching Youtube clips but at least I learned something new…




One response

9 06 2012
Melbourne on my Mind

Oy. Kudos to you on learning about Australian politics. I’ve spent about 23 of my 29 years here, and I STILL have absolutely no idea what’s going on half the time!! Especially with preferences in an election…

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