28. Buy combined Apple and Pineapple juice in a big carton

9 06 2012


Unlike my pleasant reunion with Tiny Teddies, my eagerness to try Berri’s Australian Grown Apple & Pineapple Juice was misplaced.

I recently bought a carton on special offer and was quick to pour myself a glass only to be massively disappointed. It tasted nothing like I remembered and certainly didn’t taste anywhere near as good as the mixed Apple & Pineapple juices I’ve regularly made myself back in the UK.

Well at least I tried it.

I’ll be sticking to Orange Juice or Orange & Mango from now on…




One response

9 06 2012
wattlesong (@wattlesong)

You’re brave to have tried it at all, in my imagination it would be far too along the scale of tartness for me. Not sure if you’ve ever tried some bush tucker, it varies between the states, but that might be something to try before you return to the bosom of the UK.
I regret that I am so late in coming across your musings on your stay here. Nothing like seeing one’s home through the eyes of the ‘stranger’. Best wishes for your future Catherine.

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