16. Earn some money

9 06 2012

This is more money than I have earned.

Ok, now I’ve reviewed the Missy gig it’s probably time I filled you in on the past month of my life. 

Well I’ve now officially earned $169 since arriving in Australia. I got $30 for participating in psychology experiment and another $139 for working as a Market Researcher at the first State of Origin rugby league match. I had to randomly select visitors to ask a short set of questions to and it turns out people are a lot nicer than I expected. 

Whilst this may have had something to do with the fact I was a 20 year old girl with a British accent and the majority of the patrons were drunken men, I like to think it was my professionalism that won everyone over.

Anyway, I feel that $169 may be all I’m going to earn this time in Australia. I’m expecting it won’t be my last Australian earnings ever though…




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