36. Celebrate my 20th Birthday in a memorable way

18 05 2012

The best people to share an Australian birthday with…


I had the most lovely day yesterday…

I woke up at 6:30, washed my hair, then positioned myself leaning diagonally on my lounge floor in order to dry my hair next to our heater (so high tech). At this point I heard my first tuneful rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ from my aunt and Lily.

Next up was brunch with Lucy, Katrina, Lara and Anshita at Di Bella Roasting Warehouse on Leveson Street, North Melbourne. Turns out, Lara can make it to places on time. In fact, she was 20 minutes early and was all too keen to make everyone aware of this.

I enjoyed the homemade crumpets with mascarpone and honey as well as a cute little hot chocolate.

Then it was time for two tutorials where I kept my birthday status on the DL before spending an hour in the library munching on the Tiny Teddies that Katrina had kindly bought me (another blog post will follow…)

To finish my Australian University birthday experience I had my final lecture with my incredible Language and Identity lecturer who left Lucy and I unsure whether to laugh or cry as he dramatically imparted his wisdom onto us in a touching farewell. What a babe.

A rushed trip back home allowed me to call home and speak to the fam before heading back into town to venture to Chingon in Richmond for tacos.

They were darn good tacos.

And we consumed many of them.

The whole Melbourne gang came out to celebrate with me and they’d bought me some lovely gifts including the most incredible handmade Neighbours card from Lucy which I shall treasure forever along with a lovely book about Melbourne signed by everyone! The Uni girls also bought me vast quantities of (beautifully wrapped) Lindt which I am working my way through consuming in one day today.

I challenge you to find a greater homemade Neighbours themed card…

After tacos we headed up to the rooftop of the venue to eat the chocolate crownie (cakey-brownie) that Lucy had been talking down. The girl was wasting her time because it was delicious and we continued to devour the entire thing over the course of the night.

Hello annual cocktail…

Next up was cocktails at 1806 where Georgia very kindly bought me a Mitch Martini (seemingly named after the hurricane that I believe I was once nearly hit by) which came with three different taste sensations… First the apple juice hit me (yum), then the alcohol (not yum) and then the peach to finish (yum again). Two elements out of three isn’t bad and so I’m ranking it as my second favourite cocktail I’ve ordered ever after the Mango and Strawberry drink in Asia de Cuba.

We ended the night with a tram ride up Lygon and then I caught a taxi home before skyping half of England (and seemingly a few Caymanians) who had all gathered in my kitchen for various reasons but I enjoyed the manicness of the catch up!

So was my 20th memorable? You bet it was.

I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I’ve made some amazing friends over here who made the day what it was and I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t the last Australian birthday I have…




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