52. Go to South Melbourne Market

14 05 2012

Tell me you’ve never seen a more stylish potato shop…

On Saturday morning the sun was shining (which came as quite a surprise) so Lara and I thought there was no better way to spend the morning than to pick a market and go there.

Knowing it was on my list, I took the opportunity to suggest South Melbourne market so we jumped on the 112 and headed south of the Yarra.

South Melbourne market isn’t as big as Queen Vic but it still houses the expected mix of toot and quality produce. There were some cute homeware stores but they were a bit out of my budget so I quickly found myself at home towards the Food Hall.

Having seen the Fritz Gelato buzz around the net I treated myself to a kids cone of Chocolate Indulgence ($3) whilst Lara had the Blood Orange sorbet which she certainly seemed to enjoy.

Did I tell you about that time my family banned me from eating chocolate ice cream?

I also bought myself a beautiful baton of chocolate brioche ($3.50) from a bakery with an incredible array of macarons towards the fresh pasta stool.

Despite the fact I’d already consumed an ice cream, several bread samples and a third of a loaf of chocolate brioche it felt only appropriate that we further explored the suburb with a stop in a local cafe for drinks.

Well, we’d intended just to stop for juice, but when I saw Fruit Toast with Honey Ricottta on the menu at Gas I changed my mind.

Sat in the window of Gas with the sun shining through and one annoying fly trying to eat my ricotta, I decided that I rather like South Melbourne. It’s a very cute suburb and definitely worth crossing the river for.




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