11. Join a society

9 05 2012

What seems like a very, very long time ago, I went to Melbourne’s equivalent of Freshers’ Fair. I signed up to some societies and paid joining fees to quite a few (here you pay a joining fee ranging from about $2 – $15). Of all the societies I joined, I’ve only gotten my money’s worth from one society. And that society is The Chocolate Lovers Society.

Yes, it seems Manchester is all too dull with their society options and there really is more to the world than the Interesting Board Games society (definitely existed in first year) and the Pantomime Society (which I think I may have been coerced into handing my details over to in order to receive a gingerbread man).

So yesterday, Lara (or Lucy Cooke as she was officially known for the afternoon) and I headed to Chokolait – a cute chocolate cafe hidden in one of the alleyways off of Little Collins Street.

We were told we could spend up to $15 each (Myself and the real Lucy had each paid $10 membership) so Lara and I put our money together to buy one ‘Chocolate Heaven’ and one ‘Chocolate Pavlova’.

They were yummy.

This is the chocolate heaven. (By the time the pavlova arrived I was too full to move and Lara was too eager to dive into the mound of chocolate chipped pavlova that we forgot to take a photo.)

From front left to back right we have…

A pot of melted Belgian dark chocolate drizzled with melted milk chocolate, a dark chocolate orange truffle, a strawberry milk chocolate truffle, a caramel truffle, strawberries and a dark chocolate mousse with double cream.

Oh my goodness it was good.

It was also deceivingly filling – even when Lara and I were sharing it. The pavlova topped with cream and strawberries was also delicious if not a little on the sweet side.

So yes, I guess I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of one society. I’d definitely recommend parting with the $10 for future students.




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