26. See new parts of the country

29 04 2012

This week I went on holiday.

Ok, so it was a night away. But we’re counting it as a holiday nonetheless.

On Tuesday morning, Lucy and I headed to Phillip Island with Bunyip Tours via a few wildlife sanctuaries, a heritage farm and a chocolate factory. We fed kangaroos, ate lemon and blueberry cake and then made some probably-inappropriate jokes about the chocolate factory. It also rained a lot. But in a typical cliché, it didn’t dampen our spirits.

Excuse the dorky overexcited face.

We then got to see the Penguin Parade which was pretty impressive – but mainly from the boardwalk. Seriously, get a glimpse of them leaving the sea from the grandstands but then head straight to the boardwalks for the best views.

We stayed at a surprisingly nice hostel on Philip Island before heading off to Wilsons Promontory National Park on Wednesday morning. Oh my goodness, it was beautiful.

Over the course of the sunny day, we did three walks. One up to a viewing point overlooking Tidal River. Then we headed off along Squeaky Beach to Picnic Bay before one final epic hike up one of the Northern peaks. We were initially told we’d be doing an hour and a half of easy-to-moderate walks but actually did about three hours of walking including one which definitely was moderate-to-hard but it was totally worth it.

It’s hard to put the day into words, so here are some pictures…




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