9. Be in the audience of a TV show

7 04 2012

Oh yes.

Almost a fortnight ago, Lucy, two of her housemates and I headed off to Gordon Street in Elsternwick to see the recording of Adam Hills in Gordon Street Tonight. This in itself was very exciting for me, but the show we were going to was even more amazing than usual, because a TV Mass Same-Sex wedding was taking place after the usual recording.

Dressed in our wedding get-up we entered the first studio to watch Adam Hills interview Hamish Blake (One half of Hamish and Andy – I love him quite a bit), Shannon Bennett (Chef at Vue de Monde – one of the best restaurants in Melbourne) and Noni Hazelhurst (Childrens TV Presenter extraordinaire). The filming was really fun to watch and the audience were really involved with me being picked on to tell a story involving jellyfish, olive oil and Middle Aged Turkish men which thankfully never made it to air.

After the usual recording there was a short break so we headed to the canteen to make the most of the free tortilla chips before returning to a different studio which had been completely decked out to look like a wedding venue.

We watched 41 couples get TV married all reading out their vows at the same time, then watched Adam Ant perform live again (he’d already performed for us in the first studio – twice in fact, after the first song didn’t record properly).

The evening was great fun and I’d totally recommend applying for audience tickets for the next series (assuming there is going to be one). I think I might go after audience tickets to see The Project some time soon now.

Oh and you know what? I really don’t get the Adam Ant love. He was a bit weird and vocally poor. Yeah, I went there.




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