32. See some live comedy

7 04 2012

I have been seeing a lot of live comedy this week.

It’s the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and you can no longer walk down Swanston Street in the CBD without being attacked by at least one person trying to give you a flyer of a “hilarious” new show.

When we first got to talking about booking tickets to shows, I had set myself a limit of $100 to see as much good stuff as I good. With that stupidly strong Australian economy that was realistically going to buy me 3 shows so instead I turned to my old comping habit to get me to more shows. And oh, how it worked.

It started last Sunday when Lara and I went and saw Michael Chamberlin’s ‘Joy and Desire’. He was funny although the tiny Acacia Room in the Victoria Hotel made for a very quiet (and sweaty) show. Monday night was Charlie Pickering’s turn to wow us and oh how he did. He performs really intelligent comedy with a somewhat surprising moral message at the end of the show that only added to his beautifulness. Oh and he did a truly hilarious (and accurate) impression of what every news show is, whilst simultaneously mocking The Project throughout the show.

On Thursday Lara had won tickets to see Greg Behrendt (Author of He’s Just Not That Into You/Script Consultant on Sex In The City) whose comedic style was all very American with quick, disjointed cheap jokes getting the laughs but the show didn’t really have any running theme.

Then yesterday we had some daytime laughs at a live recording of Triple J’s Good Az Friday in the Melbourne Town Hall. We saw short sets from Stephen K Amos, Celia Pacquola and Ronnie Chieng amongst many other not-so-funny people. We also got to see Lisa Mitchell perform her new song Spiritus and a cover for Like A Version. Oh and Tom Ballard and Alex Dyson were very funny. Especially when they had to put up with Jake the disagreeable listener who was supposed to be a humourous disagreeable listener but actually came across as a homophobic racist.

There were also free chocolate eggs thrown at the crowd, but apparently they tasted revolting.

Considering the entire event was put on for free though, it was a great way to spend Good Friday when you’re on the opposite side of the world to most of your family and friends.

Tomorrow Lucy and I are seeing either Alex Horne or The Bedroom Philosopher (we’re double booked so if anyone recommends one over the other then let me know…)

Oh, and I have spent $55 booking tickets to see David O’Doherty and Simon Amstell.

So yes, I certainly have fulfilled this list item. April is definitely the month for Live Comedy in Melbourne.




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