69. See Jamie Oliver talk

14 03 2012

Ok, I am getting very behind now. Sorry.

Last Tuesday I headed off to the Regent Theatre (NB: It is not on Flinders Lane as Google Maps suggests) to see Jamie Oliver give a talk about his Australian visit at a talk organised by The Wheeler Centre.

Yes, I’ve flown to the other side of the world to pay $30 to see a man who lives fifteen minutes away from me. But it was a good talk.

He did his serious political rant with the occasional interjections of how much he love ‘Ozzie’. This irritated me – saying ‘Australia’ isn’t the hardest thing in the world – but besides that he was his usual over-emphasised Essex boy self.

Oh and after reading the *cough* Daily Mail *cough* article about his visit to Australia I have to agree (Something I veherently hate doing with that paper) that Jamie was looking a bit plumper than I remember. But who cares?




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