70. Go to LMFF

14 03 2012

Thanks to The (uber-lovely) Fashion Stylista, my friend who’d studied abroad in Manchester last year,  Annamiek, and I headed to the Mimco catwalk show at the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival.

Actually, before we even left for the show the evening started very well with a delicious home-cooked roast by Annamiek’s family. Roast beef. Potatoes. Carrots. Green Beans. Basically all my favourite foods on a plate.

So me and my full stomach headed off to Docklands’ Pier 14 to see the show. We followed the sea of pretty dresses to the Maia shed and took our seats to watch the show. At this point I had my first Neighbours spot of my travels. Oh yes, Gemma Pranita (Jade Mitchell) was there and used the line “I’m from Neighbours” to the blank-faced Mimco staff to blag her way to the front row. Considering it’s become very apparent that no Australians watch Neighbours, I’m considering trying out this line myself some time.

The show itself was pretty quick (as are all catwalk shows) but showcased all the new Mimco accessories in three sections. Big statement necklaces, fur and impractical (but lovely) umbrellas seem to be what we should look out  for.

To top the evening off we all left with a goodie bag including a shiny new Mimco umbrella which was the perfect gift considering my $5 umbrella has just broken after less than a month of usage.

So yes, it was a lovely evening and the fashion festival itself really brought Docklands to life.




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