71. Go to a Q&A with the nephew of Grace Kelly

10 03 2012

For those of you who know me back home, you’ll probably be aware that I’ve been known to enter competitions. I decided a move across the world shouldn’t stop me doing so and as such I’ve been entering competitions here.

So far, I’ve won six competitions. In five weeks.

I’ve won five sets of tickets to events and one DVD documentary about Indigenous Rights.

On Monday night Lucy and I headed to ACMI in Federation Square to see a screening of Grace Kelly’s last film, the musical comedy ‘High Society’. Included in the tickets was a Q&A with Grace Kelly’s nephew John Kelly before the film.

Here’s the thing. Before I won the tickets, I knew nothing about Grace Kelly. In fact, I’d unforgivably gotten her confused with Grace Jones in my head which I only corrected myself upon once I had Wiki-searched the former Princess of Monaco.

The Q&A itself offered a great insight into Kelly’s life – both on and off screen. And the film was entertaining although my busy life may have caught up on me as I briefly drifted asleep at one (or two) points.

ACMI arrange lots of different screenings and talks and the exhibitions in the galleries themselves are well worth a look. Definitely something worth checking out if you’re in Melbourne.




One response

11 03 2012
Hannah Heywood

if you win anything gerard butler related, you know where to send it… xx

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