68. Go to a book signing

8 03 2012

I genuinely seem to have misplaced my neck.

I really need to update you on what I’ve been up to lately. You can get a gist of what’s been going on by my updated ‘The List’ page, but by Saturday I plan to be fully up to date once more.

Anyway, this post had to be written straight away because I’ve been inspired.

A fortnight ago I didn’t know much about Zoe Foster. I knew she was Hamish Blake’s fiance but I was yet to appreciate how incredible she was in her own right.

I found out about today’s Dymocks book signing via Twitter (where else?!) and with nothing planned for the evening I knew I had to go. I’d stumbled across her relationship advice book ‘Textbook Romance’ on Lucy’s kitchen table last weekend and flicked to a page and promptly read nearly a whole chapter aloud to Lucy and her bewildered housemate. And then I laughed. And wallowed. But in a ‘I love my life’ kind of way.

She has this way of writing as though she’s chatting with a friend (Oh, how I wish she was my friend) and this totally works. Her relationship advice isn’t cringey and is jovial in tone and Lucy and I are considering giving up on everything else in life to live solely by the guidance of Textbook Romance.

So yes, we’re a little bit in love with Zoe Foster. We want to be her best friends. Although, we don’t really want our trials (many) and tribulations (minimal) to be written into fictional characters in her next novel so maybe we’ll just stick to Twitter stalking her every move (in my normal non-creepy way, of course.)

At her talk today she came off every bit as lovely and funny as in the few pages of Textbook Romance I had read. I bought two books (which definitely reiterated how much I need a job to continue this frivolous lifestyle) and got them both signed by Zoe after the talk. Lucy got three copies of Textbook Romance signed (looking very keen/desperate) and we think we remotely humoured Zoe for a minute with our tales of our plan to spread the Zoe Foster love across the globe.

I also got a blurry photo taken (above). And consumed large quantities of complimentary strawberries and chocolate ganache.

Zoe Foster is pretty darn cool. I haven’t been this excited about reading a book (her new Chick Lit novel ‘The Younger Man’) in years – Well, if you exclude my recent love for my Language and Culture in Aboriginal Australia textbook.

This weekend I plan to read The Younger Man – quite probably in its entirety. I also plan to read a huge chunk of my Language and Identity readings. I know which should take priority. I also know which will take priority.

Whilst both are sure to offer me great insight into gender differences, I feel one may be slightly easier reading. And no, I’m not talking about you Foucault.




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