67. Do some voluntary work

8 03 2012

I like being busy.

In fact, I just quite like working in general.

And whilst I’m hunting for a job I thought volunteering at the Melbourne Food and Wine festival was probably the best way to combine the two.

On Saturday I worked as a hands on activities assistant at the Family Foodie Weekend at Art Play at the back of Federation Square. I was allocated a table of five children and I had to help them follow a cooking demonstration from a known (or unknown in my case) chef.

Amazingly I left with a tshirt with no remnants of flour or  melted chocolate down it which – if you know me – is quite an achievement!

I also left with a photo of Gary Megihan from Australian Masterchef. I did not know who he was. But he jovially mocked us for being too cool to have a picture taken with him so clearly I decided I needed a photo (I’m not too cool for anything.)

I thought I was returning for the same role on Sunday but they already had plenty of volunteers in that role so I took over the information desk and signed in other volunteers as well as giving out information (and free suncream) to the crowds.

Whilst I arrived with minimal Googled knowledge of MFWF, I quickly learnt everything you could ever want to know and summarised it into a 60 second pitch of the day’s events.

I was quite chuffed with myself and one visitor said “I hope their paying you double for this”. To which I smiled at the thought of being paid double nothing.

It was great fun volunteering at the Festival and I got free catering and a t-shirt (my newest addition to my pyjama top collection) to compensate my time. If anyone’s in Melbourne in March next year I definitely recommend getting involved.

Now, that job hunt really needs to step up a pace.

If anyone knows of any jobs going in Melbourne for a Fri-Sun or weekday evening role involving retail, hospitality or customer service. Please let me know! I can start immediately!




4 responses

8 03 2012

Good on you Catherine. I’m glad you gave it a go. I did this a few years ago, and also enjoyed every minute of it.

Good luck with the job hunt! Have you tried contacting a few hospitality agencies. They’re always looking for more staff, especially with all the events that are going on in Melbourne.

8 03 2012

I saw one the other day and am wracking my brain trying to remember where it was. I will let you know if I think of it.

Have you submitted your CV to the companies who do catering at the stadiums? AFL season is about to start and they pay pretty well!

8 03 2012

No – I haven’t properly looked into that but I definitely will now. Thanks! Any idea of the names of any of the hospitality companies there?

9 03 2012

Just found a few I’ll apply to but I think most of their recruitment drives have unfortunately finished!

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