66. Go to a rugby match

7 03 2012

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet of late. Life got busy.

Where do I start?

Last Friday, thanks to Lucy’s lovely family friend we headed off to see Melbourne Rebels first match of the season against Warratahs at the AAMI stadium.

So off east we headed along the Yarra in the direction of all the stadiums. There was heaps on that night – the MCG was packed with cricket fans and there were masses of families queueing for the opening night of the How To Train Your Dragon live show at Hisense.

Anyway, we arrived at our correct stadium and went on a freebie spree accruing Maltesers, some banner type thing and blue face paint streaks on our cheeks. We were all set.

Inside we were eager to eat some grease.

Alas we were disappointed by the chips with their vile yellow chicken salt. Eurgh.

The rugby, however, was much more exciting.

We got massively into the spirit of it and gave massive cheers and woops for Danny Cipriani and my new favourite James O’Connor.

So yes, rugby was fun. And much warmer than the other two rugby matches I’ve ever seen (Murrayfield in a cold March and Twickenham in November!)




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