45. Eat some Mars Pods

7 03 2012

For the costly sum of $7.50 at AAMI stadium, I got to rediscover Mars Pods on Friday.

Yes, the price was extortionate. But I needed something to take away the flavour of the chicken salt chips and I was willing to pay the price.

So were they as I remembered from way back in 2005 when my 13-year-old self went on a diving trip on a boat full of honeymooners with only a bag of Mars Pods as my bargaining tool to make friends?

Yes, it seems they were. I like the way the wafer encapsulates the caramel and the chocolate tastes very similar to the British counterpart.

It does taste a bit too much like a cereal – as though it should be served in a bowlful of milk – but I can get over that.

Will I buy them again?

Yes, I probably would. But I definitely wouldn’t for that price.




2 responses

7 03 2012

If you had a choice between pods and an actual Mars Bar what would you choose though? (My MD just put me on a sugarfree diet so this conversation is killing me by the way!)

7 03 2012

Pods. Or a funsize Mars Bar.
The full size bars overwhelm me with their sickliness.

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