30. Enjoy the study of Aboriginal linguistics

1 03 2012

So my first proper week of lectures at the University of Melbourne is over. (Three day weekends are definitely a plus of Arts degrees over here!)

What can I tell you?

I love my degree.

Seriously, studying abroad has completely changed my attitude towards my degree already. I’m taking four courses. I completely adore three of them already and the other one is still miles better than most of my subjects from last semester in Manchester.

I chose to study Linguistics because it was the best of a bad bunch of options. Language and Identity and Language in Aboriginal Australia have totally reinspired me with their practical application of linguistics to aspects of the real world.

My lecturer for Language and Identity is the most charismatic lecturer I’ve ever had (and Manchester kids you’ll know how much I’ve loved some previous lecturers *cough*dialects*cough*). He has totally thrown everything from Language, Variation and Change on its head and made it a gazillion times more interesting. And he has an English accent and lots of humorous anecdotes of his time ‘When I was in London…’

And as for Language in Aboriginal Australia, I made it clear yesterday that I am totally in love with that course.

Oh, and in Australia Now our recommended viewing list featured Neighbours and Summer Heights High – what’s not to love?

Even Morphology isn’t sending me to sleep.

So yes, studying abroad has totally made me love education – and more specifically the study of linguistics – again.

It’s pretty lame how happy I am right now. Total geek overload.




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