60. Go to the Night Markets

29 02 2012

Today was a good day.

I’d spent last night doing two of my required readings for Language in Aboriginal Australia. Only when I finished making notes on both did I realise that I have never ever in my life read a required reading from cover to cover – let alone made notes.

This morning I did a third reading – all about language change in the late 18th Century around Sydney – and was enthralled. No joke, I’ve never loved being educated before. It’s just something that’s happened. I hear stuff. I learn stuff. I write stuff. I (generally) pass stuff.

But this is different. I genuinely want to read the entire textbook. I want to read every page and consume it in its entirety.

Does that make me a geek?

If it does, then so be it. I’m inspired.

Anyway… aside from my new found passion for education today was good for some other reasons.

I’d won two tickets to a preview screening of Like Crazy courtesy of Time Out Melbourne so Lucy (who you may have realised is my go-to +1) and I headed off to the slightly-less-luxurious-than-Gold-Class-but-still-has-seats-twice-the-size-of-AMC-Deansgate Cinema Nova on Lygon Street.

The film struck a chord with us being British exchange students and we’re now well aware not to overstay our visas – especially not for love as it seems it’s all doomed in the end anyway. How uplifting.

This sent the two of us into a spiral of self-wallowing so we headed off in search of happiness (and love) at the final Queen Victoria Night Market of the year. We found both in the churros stand. (The love may not have been legitimate in a marriable sense, but it seems Spanish fried donuts is as good as it gets.)

The markets were abuzz with food stalls of all cuisines and there were some cutejewellery stalls too so I may have invested some of my quickly diminishing funds in a rather lovely birdcage necklace.

All in all, a rather super day.

Oh, whilst I have your dwindling attention can someone please reassure Lucy that not all houses in England have their own unique postcode. She spent the majority of the film completely perplexed at the notion that several houses can have the same postcode.




2 responses

29 02 2012

The night markets are indeed rather great.

Your texts sound really interesting. What are they?

29 02 2012

At the moment I’m just reading a pretty introductory book called ‘Language and Culture in Aboriginal Australia’ but I think there’ll be heaps more interesting books in the library at my Uni.

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