Non-celebrity lookalike on campus #1

27 02 2012

Today was the first day of lectures on campus. My first Morphology and Languages in Aboriginal Australia lectures were both really insightful and the courses seem pretty exciting in content so I’m looking forward to the rest of the semester.

Besides the lectures and a 4 hour wait in a text queue for the Arts Student Centre, the highlight of my day had to be lunch.

Whilst hunting for the Bookshop (which I eventually found and spent nearly $100 in) Lucy and I got distracted by a rather lovely looking cafe in the Alan Gilbert building (Yes, Alan Gilbert building – it appears both UoMs have a building of the same name!)

Whilst eating our lunch Lucy had been perving on a more mature gentleman behind me and suggested he looked exactly like someone famous. Being an ardent royalist and lover of the BBC, it seems ‘famous’ may have been an overstatement but we both decided he looked very much like an as yet unidentifiable BBC Foreign News Correspondent. I sneakily turned, agreed and began Wikipediaing those who held such a position. A quick search found us with the man we wanted: Jeremy Bowen.

This man looked exactly like him. At least in side profile anyway.

After staring at him a lot, we left our table and walked past him for a closer look. Only at this point did we notice the pages of mathematical equations he was writing. Not to undervalue the skills of a BBC Foreign News Correspondent in the Middle East, but I doubt they need to write down pages of equations. I also doubt they would ever hang around at The University of Melbourne.

Oh well.

Judge for yourselves in our poor attempt at a stalker photo…

Did we get overexcited for nothing?

*UPDATE* Jeremy Bowen tweeted me this…!/jfjbowen/status/174146976634503168




4 responses

27 02 2012
Jo Cox

It definitely looks like him!

27 02 2012
Lucy Cooke

I would like to clarify I don’t make a regular habit of taking photos of unknown older men in cafes – this was a special case in that he WAS Jeremy Bowen’s Australian twin!!

29 02 2012

Ha ha, love it!

Impressed that your courses are looking exciting – that’s awesome!

8 03 2012
Natalie Vass

Hahaha, you have the most priceless expression, Catrina!

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