65. Go to Cupcake Central

26 02 2012

I was so hungry I started eating the first cake before remembering to take a photo.

So when I posted about Little Cupcakes I asked where else in the city did cupcakes and melbourneonmymind kindly suggested Cupcake Central.

Anyway, yesterday I was having one of those days where things weren’t really going my way. Nothing serious, but I saw a mouse in my room, had legs covered in mite bites, cleared everything off my floor, had to wash all my clothes that may have possibly been in contact with mites, left a tissue in the pocket of my shorts, shook tissue off of all my clean clothes, had to pay $30 for treatments for the bites after the first pharmacist I saw gave me the wrong thing, cancelled my plans for the day, spent a good hour or two wandering around the city in search of a humane mousetrap and hoovered my floor and my mattress.

Somewhere in between all this (after the second pharmacy but before the mousetrap) I decided I needed something to perk up the day a bit. So I remembered the recommendation and headed to Melbourne Central.

The shopping centre itself is pretty cute. In my mind, most shopping centres look the same. Go to most Westfields (it doesn’t matter if they’re in the UK or Australia) and you could be anywhere in the world. But Melbourne Central was pretty unique. It incorporates the historical Shot Tower into the middle of the shopping centre and has a rather nice fast food court on the first floor.

I hadn’t eaten all day (it seems I’d been a bit distracted) so decided I probably needed some sustenance other than a cupcake so began with a large slice of freshly cooked pizza from Pazzi Per La Pizza then wandered across the food court to Cupcake Central.

The shop front itself is rather lovely and there’s a board detailing the cupcake specials for each day of the week. I decided to have two babycakes ($2 each): A special Chocolate Malt Milkshake cake and a classic Red Velvet.

Both were incredibly light textured sponges with a creamy ice cream. The cream cheese frosting of the Red Velvet was possibly a bit too sweet for my liking, but the Chocolate Malt Milkshake was faultless.

I think I may have found a new favourite cupcake shop in Melbourne.

It certainly brightened up my day.

(Just in case you were interested… my room appears mouse free though I am yet to have caught anything.)



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