38. Go to St Kilda

26 02 2012

I’ve actually now been to St Kilda three times but haven’t gotten around to writing about any previous visits.

Today it was hot. Very hot. Lucy and I were planning to hang with the hipsters at Fitzroy Pool but on a whim saw a tram saying ‘Beach’ and hopped on it.

We travelled through the city on the cool tram and made our way southwards ending at South Melbourne beach. The beach itself wasn’t overly busy (we’d sensibly avoided the midday sun and arrived around 5pm) and the water was very refreshing.

Queen Elizabeth departing in the background.

Coincidentally the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship was docked in Port Melbourne for the day so we got to see it departing in the distance as we sat on the beach. Lucy tried to tan, I tried to build a sand castle using ice cream cups. Neither of us were particularly successful.

We then wandered along the coast to St Kilda. It wasn’t too far but it was a nice walk past volleyball matches and kiteboarding advertisements. Once in St Kilda we decided against heading to the pier where people were beginning to venture along to watch out for the penguins but instead to head up Fitzroy Street in search of Fish and Chips. Turns out there weren’t any particularly delicious looking Fish and Chipperies (genuinely what they’re called here) on Fitzroy Street but there was a rather cute pizzeria called The Banff where I enjoyed an Italian take on a Hawaiian (which I now seem to have eaten in some form or another for three consecutive days) for a surprisingly reasonable $7.90 whilst Lucy had a generous salad and glass of wine for $12. It certainly pays to venture out of the city!

A very green church on Fitzroy Street.

Just as we finished our al fresco meal dark clouds began to loom so we made our way back up north to sort ourselves out for Uni tomorrow.

It seems no matter where you are in the world, a 10am Monday lecture entitled ‘Morphology’ doesn’t sound the most thrilling.




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