64. Engage in O Week fun and frivolities

22 02 2012

So I am now half way through O Week.

O Week is the Australian equivalent of Freshers Week (Or Welcome Week as Manchester likes it to be known) and is generally a week for first years to get massively drunk and get free stuff.

As a sober second year with one uneventful Freshers Week behind her, I am embracing the latter more than the former.

I’ve already accumulated a haul of Uncle Bens rice, drinks, sweets, coffee sachets and heaps of pens and pencils. I don’t particularly want any of these things (bar the free pens) but have donated them to my housemates.

I’ve had an Introduction to Arts lecture which was very much aimed at First Years and have queued for my student ID. Twice. For an hour each time.

Today Lucy and I went on the Arts Society Pub Crawl Historical Tour. We made it to pub 3 of six before feeling like we were really old and boring and retiring for the day.

So yes, two more days to go.

The next two days both host societies fairs so I’m really looking forward to that. The plan is to sign up to loads of societies and Lucy’s convinced tram loads of friends will immediately follow. Or not.

But we shall see…

I may not have thrown myself into O Week nightlife (I’m currently at home watching Talking ‘Bout Your Generation instead of finishing off the pub crawl) but I definitely plan on getting much more involved over the next two days.

We’re also doing The Amazing Race through the city on Friday so that should be fun. Or really rubbish. Actually, whatever it is I’m sure we’ll make it fun.

So yes, I’m still a very poor attempt at being a Fresher. But you know what? I couldn’t care less.

I am loving every minute of my time in Melbourne. Soberly.




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