62. Go Gold Class at the cinema

18 02 2012

Thanks to the lovely people at Popsugar Australia, I won two tickets to a Gold Class screening of My Week With Marilyn for Thursday evening.

On Thursday it rained. No actually, it stormed. And I foolishly didn’t own an umbrella at this point in time.

So when I left my house pre-screening (with over an hour and half to spare for a half hour journey) I exited in an entirely weather inappropriate All Saints dress and a disposable poncho workshopped into a waterproof bonnet. It was quite some look that unfortunately was not documented on camera.

I ran for the tram in my makeshift outfit. Got on it. Realised I had no change to buy a ticket and subsequently got off the same tram at Coles – about five minutes down the line – with the intention of buying a Metcard and an umbrella. I dutifully did both and sprinted for a passing tram only to get stuck on the other side of the road with the tram driver apologetically shrugging at me as the rain poured down.

Anyway… I caught the next tram. And then it stopped. It stopped behind a broken down tram.


So after waiting for the tram to be fixed. Then walking for a bit. Then getting on another tram which was only going half of the journey. Then getting off that tram. Waiting for another tram. And getting on another tram. I eventually sprinted onto the platform at Flinders Street and hopped on a train to Camberwell.

This was where my luck changed. After loudly ranting to Lucy about my journey and how my Metcard had bent and wouldn’t even go through machines, a kind guy gave me a working Metcard he’d found next to his seat. Then another guy – who was clearly loving our entertaining conversation – reassured us we were on the right train and told us it was only a ten minute walk downhill to the cinema.

So eventually, an hour and three quarters after I left home in Brunswick West, I arrived at the art deco style Rivoli cinema in Camberwell for the screening.

It was definitely worth the trek.

We were greeted with canapes and free drinks (although there is a limit to how much juice I can consume) and then led into the cinema. Gold Class doesn’t exist in the UK, but basically it’s where a cinema is converted to have fewer seats (probably only 30-odd) that are all individual reclining armchairs. Considering my actual bed is just a mattress on the floor, these chairs were something else.

The film itself exceeded expectations with a great British cast (the accents were homely) and the fact we were served a two course meal in the cinema definitely added to the enjoyment. We shared Fish and Chips and a Red Thai Curry, followed by a Sticky Date Pudding with Butterscotch sauce and a flourless chocolate cake.


So yes, Gold Class is fun. I probably wouldn’t ever pay for it myself (a ticket without any food/drink is thirty-odd bucks alone) but I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for more opportunities to get more tickets.

Thanks Popsugar!




2 responses

18 02 2012
Manuel Broderick Proeger

Welcome to Melbourne Catherine! The tram experience you’ve described is unfortunately a much too common occurence. Glad you enjoyed the Rivoli though. I’ve only been there once, but before it was a Gold class cinema. Might have to make the trek out there again one day.

18 02 2012

Oxford has different classes in the cinema. You get a sofa and a table to cuddle on if you’re happy to pay a little more….

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