61. Go swimming with a view

8 02 2012

Enough Said.




4 responses

8 02 2012
Deanna Hood

Hey Catherine,

I’ve just moved to Melbourne last week so your list is pretty helpful for me! Today I found the famous roaming Taco Truck.. 🙂

I have a spare ticket to Australia’s Got Talent auditions this Friday, if you’re interested to cross another one off your list straight away! Otherwise I’ll be interested in what show you end up seeing – ‘The Project’ and ‘Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation’ are filmed in Melbourne I’ve read.. they’re two of my favourite shows!!

Happy travels 😀

8 02 2012
Deanna Hood

Oh and there’s a music festival on at St Kilda this Sunday!! It’s free, but with known musicians!

8 02 2012

Thanks Deanna – Unfortunately I’m attempting number 5 this Friday (househunting!) but thanks so much for the offer.

I’ve already enquired about Adam Hills in Gordon Street Tonight and TAYG – will look into The Project when I’m settled!

8 02 2012
Deanna Hood

You’re all over it! I saw a noticeboard for accommodation in Union House I believe 🙂 (but that’s about the only building I’ve been to other than my office – there are probably millions :D)

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