53. Go to the beach

5 02 2012

Neighbours > Home & Away

After on/off rain for my first two days in Sydney, the sun was set to come out on Saturday so we headed to Palm Beach up the coast.

On arrival, I got my photo taken at the Summer Bay Surf Club (I’m such a tourist) then headed down to the beach. The sea felt cold at first but that was quickly forgotten as I jumped through the waves.

I was too busy taking photos to realise my body was on fire.

Later in the day I decided to lie on the beach. I applied suncream whilst it was still a bit cloudy but gradually the sun came out and every cloud disappeared. I turned over as I felt the heat on my back but it appears this was done far too late. A day later I am in real pain every time I move my legs or back. My shins are as white as ever, whilst my knees and ankles are blushing with sunburn.

This is not fun. At all.

I’ve spent all day today applying lots of Tea Tree After Sun and grimacing.


So yeah… Slip Slap Slop.




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