3. Arrive Safely

3 02 2012

I’m here!

(And it’s raining! But still t-shirt weather.)

So yesterday morning, after 25 hours of travelling, I landed at Sydney Kingsford Airport and was greeted by my Aunt and cousin. The first flight went very quickly but arriving in Dubai I was a bit bemused to see my flight number matched a flight to Bangkok/Christchurch. After a bit of fretting I learnt that the flight was the air equivalent of a bus service and was in fact flying DXB-BKK-SYD-CCH. And so, I went to Thailand!

I think I managed about five hours of on/off sleep on the flights but I arrived in Sydney wide awake and ready to throw myself into life. We headed to Neutral Bay for lunch – naturally, I had pancakes with maple syrup, bananas and bacon – and a quick trip around Woolworths (supermarket – not the deceased cheap shop).

At this point we returned home to my Aunt’s and any energy I’d had completely disappeared. I sat on my bed, fell asleep, moved to the sofa, fell asleep, went out for a drive, fell asleep. So at 4pm I crashed out for three hours only to head to bed for the second time at 10pm where I slept right through the night!

Today Amy and I headed into the city and managed to take in loads of the city in our trip. I sorted out my banking situation then headed to Circular Quays, the Rocks, all along George Street and then hid from the rain in Pit Street Mall.

I bought $5 shorts from Cotton On so am rather happy with myself considering everything else is ridiculously expensive here. 

First major conclusion of the trip: I need a job.

So that was my first day and a half in Sydney. I’m off out for a Japanese in the really lovely new Cammeray Square development tonight.

If you want my new number let me know!




2 responses

3 02 2012
Liam O'Connor

Cat! Can you get a job? I don’t want to see you ending up on Border Control in 5 years on the Really channel!

– Actually, that’d be the best thing ever.

3 02 2012

Ah Liam, thanks for your concern but, whilst it is a secret ambition of mine to be on Border Patrol, I can legally work 20 hours a week on my visa.

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