2. Get an official offer from The University of Melbourne

27 11 2011

Yes, this probably was the wrong order to go about it, but now – two months after booking my flight – I’ve finally received my offer of a place at The University of Melbourne next year.

I should be starting the Melbourne Welcome on February 10th with lectures beginning on the 27th.

At the moment I’m looking to study these courses:

  • Languages in Aboriginal Australia – Pretty much the entire reason I wanted to study in Australia. I watched Gurrumul’s beautiful performance with Missy Higgins at the ARIAs today and it reinforced how incredible these languages are.
  • Morphology – I’m a grammar geek at heart.
  • Language and Identity – An interesting Sociolinguistics course looking at a whole range of circumstances where language can be affected by identity.
  • Australia Now – This just looks dreamy. It’s a cultural course about 21st Century Australia. Considering my avid reading of smh.com.au and my religious consumption of other Australian media I hope I’ll enjoy it.

So what else is new with me?

Well, I’ve widened my horizons in life generally. I’m continuing to subedit a national music site and just got my first Guardian byline, but am currently looking at graduate schemes in a whole variety of sectors. I’m hoping my time in Australia will lead me to discover new things and gain experiences that will prove invaluable come graduation in 2013. You never know, maybe it’ll even lead me to my dream job. Wherever that may be in the world.

To put it simply, I’m open to all new opportunities. My plans for Australia are ultimately a blank slate and I’ll just have to wait and see how much of The List I get through.

Knowing me, the best thing about the trip will probably be something I’ve not even thought of yet. Maybe you’ll be the one to suggest it?

Who knows what the future will hold? I certainly don’t.




4 responses

24 12 2011

Hope you enjoy your time at University of Melbourne. I am going to be graduating soon so feel free to ask any questions. Btw what are you planning to study?

6 01 2012

Thanks – I’m doing a BA Linguistics in the UK so am just taking a variety of courses from a Bachelor of Arts in Melbourne!

7 02 2012

Awesome! Good luck, and have fun!
I am a Uni of Melb student myself, so am looking forward to reading of your experiences!
Take a wander through the beautiful buildings, maybe before classes start when there is not so many people – so pretty!

15 05 2012

It is great to see someone interested in Australian Studies, which is suffering cuts at Melb Uni and other uni’s in Aus. I hope you are enjoying your time at Uni Melb.

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