1. Book flights

1 10 2011

It’s finally becoming real. Nearly a year since I first heard about Study Abroad opportunities at the University of Manchester, I’ve actually booked my flights to Australia.

I went into STA Travel on Oxford Road last Monday and within half an hour of excitedly babbling to the sales advisor, I was nearly a grand down but had my Emirates flight confirmations. My flights are flexible – meaning that if anything changes between now and my departure date I can always revert to my back up plan of a summer in Australia. Although that really is the last resort.

Also this week I had a meeting for all the other students going to Australia and New Zealand. It looks like there are five of us heading to Melbourne next year. Or at least we will be once we’ve completed the lengthy application process.

I’ve been given a thirty three page guide to applying to Melbourne. Thirty three pages. Hopefully that means I’ll fill it all in correctly, because if I get it wrong with that much guidance I thoroughly doubt I’d be able to survive on the other side of the world for six months.

So when do I arrive? Well, I’m actually flying into Sydney at the beginning of February and crashing there for a fortnight before the experience really begins in Melbourne. Whilst in Sydney I plan to get over the jetlag, do a bit of sightseeing and, perhaps most importantly, see Tim Minchin play with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

I’m guessing it’ll be a while before my next blog entry. I’ve got loads to do before I leave including my formal application to the University of Melbourne. Four months today I should be in airspace somewhere between London and Sydney. From then on, who knows what will happen…




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